Vin Diesel Confronts Fast and Furious Spinoff and Rock vs. Gibson Feud

There is no doubt about the pulling power of the Fast and Furious franchise. If it's not physical scraps on the set, actors threatening to quit or screening calls and sending out passive aggressive social posts online, there is always a healthy dose of drama to proceedings behind the scenes.

The latest chapter now features Vin Diesel as he addressed the brewing feud between Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson, two men who are opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the direction of the property. While Diesel has been known to have his own beef with The Rock, he has come out in support of a venture that has forced movie number 9 back a whole 12 months.

VD: I Knew What We Were Doing When Dwayne Joined

From Gibson's perspective, Johnson has selfishly orchestrated a scenario whereby he becomes top billing of a series that started in 2001. The way Diesel sees it, this is the first building block in the development of something bigger as he defended the decision to promote a Luke Hobbs vs. Deckard Shaw title for 2019.

"Brotherhood… and all it’s complexities," Diesel posted. "This scene was filmed in Puerto Rico, I can remember it like it was yesterday. Such a beautiful island, the people were so warm and welcoming. I turned 43 that summer… and my son Vincent was born. A woman named Jan Kelly responded to a question I had asked on Facebook, ‘who they would like to see me work with?’ She said would love to see me work with Dwayne… I listened to her request and he became Hobbs. I know there has been a lot of speculation as to why the Fast 9 release date was pushed… but it would be unfair to say it is anyone’s fault. As we plot the course to expand the Fast & Furious universe, one must be mindful to take stock of the roads we took to get here. The pillars of authenticity, family and most importantly, our loyal fan’s perspective has been instrumental in procuring success. However, like any vehicle that has run around the globe 8 times, the franchise is in need of maintenance. My good friend and the godfather of Universal, Ron Meyer has granted me the time to do just that. We have some very exciting news to share soon… stay tuned. Yours truly, Dom #FamilyAlways."

Rock Finally Cracked As Skyscraper Production Halts

Having caused a fracture in that franchise, it would be another action blockbuster that saw a real one occur with Johnson this week. As he was on the set of Skyscraper, the multifaceted performer would see a gash cut down his leg and because he is the headline act, production had to be stopped.

The 45-year old would give an upfront and close shot of the injury as the Baywatch star poked a bit of fun at his own expense.

"Shut production down for a few minutes so my good buddy, Dr. Lim could administer a tetanus shot and inspect my gash aka DJ boo boo. Not sure if he was more weirded out when I said, I actually love making things bleed or when I asked for a tequila flavored lollipop for my pain. #SkyscraperMovie #LetTheBloodFlow."

Source: Collider