Video Mystery Challenge #2

Time for the next Video Mystery Challenge! We promise, these will come more often as time provides. But for now, let's begin!

Below you will be shown a portion of a trailer that has been covered up by graffiti. To up the challenge even further, the sound has been removed. Every stage of hints will either show more of the video, a new section of video, or additional sound. With each additional stage, the video should become easier to solve. Guesses are appreciated, but only two guesses are allowed. And guesses must be placed on this page (below).

Video Mystery Challenge #2 Stage 1

Below is a snippet of video taken from a trailer. Which trailer? It's not that easy amigo, and for you to figure out.

As a bit of added motivation, we are giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to the person who guesses it first in the comments below.

Only One Winner Selected

The rules are simple, only one winner is allowed. So be sure to throw out accurate guesses.