Val Kilmer on Ice Man Return For Top Gun Sequel: “I’m Ready Tom.”

When Tom Cruise took to the morning show Sunrise on Channel 7 in Sydney, Australia last week, few were to know that any bombshell was to drop. Out and about Down Under to promote his new Universal blockbuster The Mummy, the Hollywood icon explained that Top Gun 2 was in the works and what would follow was a barrage of chatter in the media and on the social media circuit.

The 1986 installment was a part romance, part action, part drama title from Tony Scott as it brought forth three memorable US Army pilots with killer nicknames - from the loveable sidekick Goose (Anthony Edwards), the leader of the pack and wildcard Maverick (Cruise), as well as the laconic and cocky Tom "Iceman" Kazanski (Kilmer). Now the latter has took to twitter to say that he is well up for the challenge of a reprisal some three decades after the release of the original.

VK Still Got The Iceman Moves For TG2 Romp

On the road to recovery after revealing that he was "healing" from cancer, the 57-year old Heat star posted a selfie while sporting a t-shirt of his character Iceman. The message was clear - it is time to bring the Iceman out of the cooler and onto the big screen.

"Friends said it's official - #TOPGUN2 was announced today. I'm ready Tom- still got my top gun plaque! Still got the moves! Still got it!"

This was only further confirmation from the actor as he responded in the affirmative on a Reddit AMA just weeks ago.

“Hell yes,” he replied, “and what a hoot it will be.”

Kilmer used that forum to dispel rumors of friction between him and Cruise on the set, saying that his colleague's commitments were too overbearing to form any sort of bond.

"He (Cruise) was a sweetheart," recalled Kilmer. "We were all quite rowdy me and all the real flyboys and the actors, so I actually felt a little sorry for him cause we all had time to play and date the cute extras and zoom around San Diego in muscle cars, but Tom was always in some scene and never go to play with us..."

2018 Shoot Confirmed, Other Details Left In The Dust

The likelihood of Top Gun 2 always appeared more of a pipe dream on a fan fiction website than becoming reality. Then Sunrise occurred and what producer Jerry Bruckheimer teased in 2016 is all but a certainty from Paramount.

“It’s true. It’s true,” Cruise remarked on Australian breakfast television. “I’m going to start filming it probably in the next year. I know. It’s happening. It is definitely happening ... you’re the first people that I’ve said this to.”

The Maverick flies again! Trailer Addict will keep you informed about a release date, casting and any other major Top Gun 2 news.

Source: MovieWeb, The Guardian