Two Tweets Claim a MacGruber Sequel in the Works

The MacGyver spoof, MacGruber, was genius. Playing up the idea of an over the top character with silly inventions, the film failed to find critical acclaim or an audience. With a box office haul of $9.8 million off a budget of $10 million, the film was essentially a failure. I, like most moviegoers, missed the film's theatrical run. But then the film came out to Blu-Ray and a roommate of mine was sure to rent it. While attempting to code, all I heard in the other room was this same roommate laughing his ass off throughout the film's entire running time. After watching the trailers, I had hoped to laugh like this as well. But my hopes were crushed with the lacking theatrical reception.

Seeing how much my roommate enjoyed MacGruber, I couldn't help but once again have high hopes for the spoof. I popped in the Blu-Ray to watch the film in the background, and quickly found all my attention diverted to the comedy, as I could not stop laughing. It was ridiculous, but the film knew it was ridiculous, and played heavily on that. Besides, I couldn't believe what the film accomplished on a measly budget of $10 million.

MacGruber Sequel a Possibility

MacGruber Wallpaper

Now I absolutely adore MacGruber. And, though the film did not find an audience in theaters, it is now being called a cult classic. While it's a relief to know that I'm not alone, it also has to be a disappointment for Jorma Taccone, knowing that the film did not do as well as it should have in theaters. If you've never heard that name, this is the same Taccone that produces and stars in The Lonely Island videos. Or, if you are a fan of HBO television, he might have had you laughing with his appearances in the popular series Girls. He played the eccentric artist who also had hilarious sexual habits.

As a director, Taccone has been having a tough time with comedic features. He also got behind the camera for Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Though people seemed to like that film right away, it could also only earn, wait for it, $9.5 million on a budget of $20 million. The guy is cursed with the inability to break $10 million. Hoping to break the trend, Taccone is going back to try again with MacGruber. At least, he's starting to try again.

Taccone Posts MacGruber 2 Script to Twitter


Taccone met with MacGruber star Will Forte to being working on the script for MacGruber 2. The two were so excited about the return to the spoof that they posted a couple photos to Twitter. Including the "Super Duper Rough" draft of the script.

I for one am thrilled at the prospect of a sequel. The real trick will be finding another washed out actor to play villain, as we already took the highway to the danger zone. If you get my drift.