Trolls Directors: Animation Movie Antidote To Election Mayhem

3-D computer animated musicals are by their very nature light-hearted pieces of entertainment that are intended to leave the audience feeling good about life. According to Variety, the directors of Trolls believe that is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Especially amid a US election which has divided and angered a large portion of the country.

Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn were in attendance alongside the voiceover stars of the movie. And when they were asked about the tone and message of the film, they understood they were fighting against the tide to a degree.

“We came along and said we’d love to make a whole world for these creatures,” said Mitchell. “I think the internet is very judgmental, not to mention the very strange election coming up and social unrest. We really wanted to make a film that made people feel happy, that explored the feeling of happiness.”

Big Bang Actor Gets Behind The Uplifting Narrative


Kunal Nayyar, who is best known for his recurring role on the hit television comedy series The Big Bang Theory, outlined that Trolls is the ideal antidote for the toxic nature of modern discourse.

“You look at society all over the world and it doesn’t seem like a very positive outlook, I think that people have lost their stability and their manners," argued the actor. "Maybe it’s because we’re all living our lives through a TV screen, but this is a movie that will inject happiness back into society.”

High Profile Cast Help To Make Flick An Enjoyable Ride


With Variety giving the animation two big thumbs up for the quality of the work, it seems the studio won't regret hiring such big names to do the voiceover roles. Joining recording artist and star of The Social Network Justin Timberlake is Anna Kendrick, James Corden, Russell Brand, Gwen Stefani and Zooey Deschanel.

The ensemble will have to wait until the movie opens November 4 before they can gauge how it is received outside of the critics lounge. But the early signs are good. Could be a quality hour-and-a-half for the kids or just the young at heart.