Tom Hanks Impersonates Ron Howard On SNL

For one of the most heralded and brilliant actors on the planet, somehow Tom Hanks doesn't quite nail a real life impression like you would hope. The Wrap reports that the actor spoofed his good friend Ron Howard during a skit titled America’s Funniest Pets on Saturday Night Live. He was kitted out in his stereotypical jacket, scruffy beard and that lucky directors hat he always sports around.

The parody was in good spirits, as the pair are out and about to promote their new film Inferno, which just surpassed $100m at the international box office this week.

Alongside Ghostbusters stars and SNL regulars Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, the lampooning was an interesting insight into Hanks' view on Howard's mannerisms.

Hanks Casts Howard As Aloof, Skittish Character

“Hey, it’s me, Ron Howard,” began Hanks. “How cool is that, huh? You’re probably asking yourself: why in the heck am I hosting a pet bloopers show? Very simple. Pet bloopers just make me giggle! Other than that they’re a pain in the ass.”

Howard made his mark as Richie Cunningham in the hit television show Happy Days from 1974 to 1984. And, while he was an actor in a handful of productions like 1975s Huckleberry Finn, he found his calling behind the camera. But despite winning awards and directing some of the greatest pictures in modern cinema, somehow that Richie goofball comes back to bite him in the most embarrassing of fashions.

Howard Responds To Spoof On Conan

Sure enough, Howard would be asked about the impression when he made an appearance on Conan during the week. All to do his part in promoting the upcoming blockbuster. Explaining that he was given prior warning from Hanks, he argued that he doesn't engage in nearly the same body language to flail his hands, only for Mr. O'Brien to pull him up for doing that very thing in his own defense!

2016 has been a busy year for Howard. Not only making the third installment of the Dan Brown series but directing the highly acclaimed documentary The Beatles: Eight Days a Week. Earning rave reviews around the world, the insight into the famed group was more than just a nostalgia trip. As the feature demonstrated Howard's canny ability to tell a story in the best way he knows how.