Tom Cruise Talks “Very Scary” New Gods and Monsters Movie The Mummy

Fronting yet another action franchise, Tom Cruise talked to the press to explore the concept behind the reboot of The Mummy. Complete with a tagline that reads, "Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters," the not-so-PC remake of the 1999 version starring Brendan Fraser appears to be a new take on the material from the initial installment some 17 years prior.

Being released June 9, 2017, the Mission: Impossible star argued that this action adventure genre is something that resonates strongly with him. And it was an offer he could not refuse. While the trilogy from 99 to the 2000s saw the studio rake in a remarkable $1.25b, this film looks to have more meat on the bone. All as it takes the story on a darker journey.

Cruise Still Up For The Exciting Challenge Of The Blockbuster

The Mummy 2017

The action veteran thinks this take is something of the full package, a promising sign for moviegoers who want flicks that aren't one-dimensional.

"This film is going to be very scary," says Cruise. "I grew up watching these monster movies and they're different really (from) what I consider to be modern horror. These are monster films – you know, that kind of classic suspense and an aspect of romance and adventure to it, and I loved these kinds of movies growing up."

He thinks that these fictional characters are a case of confronting our fears where we look through fingers, but we cannot look away.

"Monsters are things that we're fascinated by, we're terrified of," explains Cruise."That kind of mythology is very interesting and I find these kind of stories, they're really amazing films to make. When you see the beauty of the filmmaking, the craftsmanship, it invites this kind of big scale movie-making that is very challenging, really exciting. The sets that we had, the hair and make-up, wardrobe, the crew that came together, the kind of skill and artistry that comes together to make a film like this – it's a real privilege."

No Half Measures For Dedicated Cruise


Speaking exclusively to Fairfax Media, Cruise talked about the thrilling scene in the trailer where he is lifted during an airplane crash. Not wanting to pull any punches or throw in a stunt double for the big sequence, he says it was as close to reality as the studio would allow.

"We actually shot that on a real airplane and we built the set inside the aircraft and did it Zero-G all in one shot," began the actor. "I always wanted to do that – with wires you can't fake what I wanted to get and we really got something that is quite terrifying and uniquely violent."

The adrenaline junkie knows that his hard work will pay off when the film comes out in the wash, always having the final product in the back of his mind.

"I just want to entertain an audience in any way that I can and using all the skills that I have developed over the years and using every element that I have for storytelling," he says. "That's what I look for – how can I create a story and a structure for an audience that is going to entertain, in whatever kind of film that I'm making. When I come on to a film, I'm always working on the script and working with every department to try to create something that's really going to entertain an audience and really fulfil the potential of whatever film it is I'm working on."

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald