A Third (and Fourth) Villain Might be Joining Spider-Man Homecoming

Back during the early production of Spider-Man 3, some of the best rumors and discussions were those centered around the possible villains. Theories on who might appear were countless, and many led to some great debates. Could it be The Lizard? That seemed to fit, especially since we met Dr. Curt Connors in the previous installments. The character was there. But many remained hopeful that Venom would have his day. Myself included, of course.

After hoping and hoping, our wishes not only came true, but were crushed. The Venom story was terrible, partially because Columbia Pictures finally had too many characters. Too many villains. Too many story arcs. Just too much of everything. By the end, audiences didn't care much about anything they saw on screen. Tobey Maguire fell out of favor the minute he did his weird Emo dance sequence. The movie was weird! Plain and simple. With the relaunch of the Spidy franchise -- twice -- Marvel is helping Columbia Pictures think outside the box. No more typical or expected villains, as the extended universe is just us fruitful or moreso than the common go-tos everybody knows.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has done well with villain selection so far. From all accounts, audiences can expect to see Vulture and Shocker. But then we were told about the possibility of Nightwatch. It's a third antagonist, and possibly one too many. Or maybe not enough? The latest claims that we can expect even more characters to disrupt Peter Parker's happy happy day.

Spider-Man 3 Emo Dance

Who is Logan Marshall-Green

This whole time we thought it a guarantee that Michael Keaton would be playing Vulture. Considering his background, the casting seemed perfect. But now we've at least been given a slight reason to doubt. The good people at SchmoesKnow claim to have discovered some intel that confuses us more than helps us.

We can confirm that there will in fact be three different villains in this latest adaptation of the Web Slinger; Vulture, Shocker and someone who will be more of an antagonist towards Peter (instead of Spider-Man).

Spider-Man Vulture

So Peter has to deal with a bully? Not exactly, as it looks like Aunt May has installed Tinder. That's right -- the character is officially dating. But who? Logan Marshall-Green? If Keaton is The Vulture, he'd be the only option. But the age gap between him and Marisa Tomei might not be seen as realistic. I know, I know, double-standard, but still. It seems a better fit for Michael Keaton to date her. Yeah, I know, he's much older than her. Hence my double-standard comment a few back. If that were the case, it would open up Logan Marshall-Green to be Vulture. I'm not liking that either. Damn you double standards!

This third ‘villain’ is a non-super powered character who butts heads with Peter in his everyday life. He also may be the new someone Aunt May begins dating in the film, a guy that Peter does not approve of.

To further make our heads spin, Logan Marshall-Green could be playing any other character. Such as Norman Osborne.

Either way, the boyfriend or Osborne or whoever is going to end up being another character needing backstory. Making for a lot of exposition. Is there any room left in this film for anyone else? Must I remind you of Spider-Man 3? Can't think back that far? What about The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Just to further get our anxiety going, it looks like another important character will at least be introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming. And where are the theories pointing?!?

Another Important Character for Spider-Man: Homecoming

While I try to comprehend the risk of adding so many characters, here is what's being reported:

We’ve also been told that there will be a surprise appearance from a character that is central to the Spider-Man mythos, one who will play a larger role in upcoming films. We just can’t confirm who it is at this time.

When thinking of characters that are central to the Spider-Man mythos, there are really only two ways to go. Either the Osborne family is going to exist in this relaunched Spidy world, or we are once again going to take another crack at Venom. Too many antagonists and now Venom. This feels strangely familiar...

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