The Crow In Chaos: Remake On Verge Of Losing Star and Director In One Swoop

Collider reports that the reboot of The Crow is under severe doubt. It looks like two key members previously attached to the project are rumored to be on the way out. The movie is sitting in a holding pattern after Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh put his stake up for sale. Leaving The Hallow director Cordin Hardy and upcoming Justice League star Jason Momoa now unsure as to what the future holds for a flick they've initially put their names on.

The original 1994 classic drew huge attention and became a cult classic. But in large part for all the wrong reasons, as the title actor Brandon Lee passed away while filming the movie. 22 years on and with various people dipping in and out of the reboot, it seems the curse that followed the story around is preventing it from being made.

Director Not Officially Quitting Yet While Momoa Could Depart


The good news for fans of the first installment and franchise is that principal photography is still scheduled for a date in 2017. Original producer Edward R. Pressman is also back into the fold. He will be joined by Samuel Hadida with Kavanaugh, working as an executive producer.

Davis Films, Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow are sharing the finance, production and distribution of the movie. But Jason Momoa is expected to shortly front the press to explain whether or not he wants to continue as the star or abandon the project completely.

Tragedy Still Looms Large Over The Crow


The James O’Barr novel has had just as haunting an adaptation as the narrative surrounding the Eric Draven character. Lee's death in 1993 came as a result of a faulty prop gun that ended up being far more of a fatal weapon than anyone on set had thought. It was made all the more tragic when his father Bruce Lee died at the tender age of 32. The iconic actor and martial artist collapsed in 1973, never to recover.

Much like Furious 7 had to do with Paul Walker since his death during filming. Stunt doubles were required to fill in for the actor to ensure the project was completed. The longer this reboot drags out, the more questions and doubts will be raised about the validity of a story that carries a heavy history and burden.