Teaser Suggests Spider-Man: Homecoming and Civil War Crossover

Arriving at just 18 seconds in length, this teaser is true to it's word. Because, if you blink, you will miss it. Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to deliver on a complete trailer tomorrow but until that stage they offered a snippet and the vision intimated at a genuine crossover with Iron Man leading into, and potentially including, his appearance in http://www.traileraddict.com/captain-america-civil-war.

Putting on a piece of equipment from Tom Holland's character that offers a first hand point of view shot, Happy Hogan (played by actor/director Jon Favreau) is seen in a flurry of activity as he asks in a panic, "What are you doing?" to Peter Parker. Wondering where a certain case was, Parker opens it to find a letter that simply remarks, "A minor upgrade - TS."

Under 24 Hours and Counting

Spider-Man Homecoming

Making a full debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tomorrow, the trailer will provide far more to examine. Yet this 18 seconds does lend itself to a theory that Homecoming will act as a prequel and crossover to the 2016 creation that saw Holland come on board an ensemble of stars. All of which were going for each other's throats.

Turning the camera on himself, Parker couldn't wipe the smile off his face at what Mr. Stark had given the young hero. "Oh this is the coolest thing I've ever seen!" It was the webbed wings that stood out from this footage though. Flying high above the fray and closing in on a helicopter to transition from swinging on roof tops to gliding to them seamlessly.

Civil War End Credits Established This Link

The end credits sequence to any Marvel production is a must watch. And, with Civil War, we see Parker sitting in his room as he came across some new gadgets to sweeten the deal by way of joining the Avengers. Director Joe Russo outlines that Parker's relationship to Robert Downey Jr.'s character is a crucial ingredient in the whole dynamic of his story arc.

"Ultimately it becomes about the fact that, what makes Spider-Man different in the Marvel Universe?" rhetorically asks Russo. "Well, his suit was created by Tony Stark -- which means that there might be some technical enhancements."

Source: Cinema Blend