Taron Egerton Ready For Battle On Set of Robin Hood: Origins

With production underway for Robin Hood: Origins in Croatia, the local press were buzzing with activity. All the big players of the cast were there for the large scale shoot. As Taron Egerton fronted up in a uniform suited for the crusades.

The bow and arrow hero is said to be a castoff from the holy war as he settles for a life of stealing from the rich to give back to the poor. A classic English narrative that has played out for generations. Were it up to the director of the picture though, the concept would have been dead on arrival.

Do We Need Another Hood?

Taron Egerton Robin Hood

If it isn't Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe or even the CW series Arrow depicting a version of the character on the small screen, director Otto Bathurst outlined that the project was thrown out on first reaction.

‘To be honest, when this film was first offered to me, I turn it down immediately," he admitted. "The world doesn't need another Robin Hood film, we had enough. But when started to look into it and investigate this man and legend, the story seemed more relevant today than has ever been. For me, making film is about reflecting what's going on at the moment, to bring back something to humanity, to society. So there is a purpose to the film rather than being pure entertainment."

Executive producer E.Bennet Walsh was quizzed about making something of this size and scale in a country as recluse and intimate as Croatia.

"I tend to take a lot of challenges, especially by doing Kill Bill 1 and 2 in China, it as a first big production there. I guess I see if the country is ready and because of the success of Game of Thrones and Star Wars I know we can go a little bit further with construction in Stradun and on the docks. When we incorporate it into the city of Dubrovnik, it's going to be fantastic."

Taron The Crusader Kitted Out For The Cameras

Lionsgate has its team on board in the idyllic city of Dubrovnik until March 6, where they are shooting the opening sequences of the title. Egerton clearly looked distracted by the paparazzi lurking above the set, often seen taking a glance up to see who was getting a behind-the-scenes look at all the action.

Fifty Shades Darker star James Dornan was not seen in this section, but he is cast in the picture that has yet to announce an official release date. With Jamie Foxx and Ben Mendelsohn included, the movie has the acting prowess to make a decent go of the reboot.


Source: Dubrovnik Daily, MovieWeb