Supersonic Director Wants Next Band Feature To Be The Smiths Or Arctic Monkeys

Giving a raw, behind-the-scenes take on the iconic 90s Britpop band in the 2016 documentary Oasis: Supersonic, director Mat Whitecross is already looking over the horizon to see what other group would make for good material. Speaking with NME, Whitecross identified two other rock bands from the United Kingdom in The Smiths and the Arctic Monkeys as potential case studies for a sequel/follow up to the Rockumentary.

Coming out in October this year, Supersonic received rave reviews as it offered footage that fans were never privy to as well as an explanation behind their booming success in 90s culture. But Whitecross knows there are others out there just as engaging and controversial that moviegoers would be fascinated to watch.

Next Feature Could Be A Mini-Series

The Smiths Biopic

When asked about his plans for new installments, Whitecross wrapped his brain to think who would be a good fit.

“God, there are so many! People keep on dying this year, it’s the year from hell,” began the filmmaker. “As far as people I grew up admiring, I love bands like The Smiths. I love the Arctic Monkeys… I love Tom Waits. Leonard Cohen was huge figure in my life growing up… Joni Mitchell (too).”

The late Cohen would be a topical choice given his recent passing, but it would depend on how much material can be produced and in what capacity.

“The problem is, a little bit like the problem we had with Oasis, there’s so much material, their lives are so rich, how do you fix on one specific moment in their life to talk about?” he asked. “I think with Joni Mitchell you can make 10, 20 films about her and similarly with Prince or Bowie or Leonard Cohen, where do you begin, where do you end? You have to try and think like, unless you’re making a mini-series, then how do you tell that story in the most cinematic way? I don’t know but I’m open to suggestions, if anyone wants me to make a film about them, I’m around.”

Whitecross Might Look To Younger Generation


Knowing how difficult the Gallagher brothers are as characters, the idea of trying to convince Morrissey or Johnny Marr to give a warts-and-all expose would be quite the challenge for the director.

“I think that might be the fight that kills me,” Whitecross laughed. “(But) I’m just reading Johnny Marr’s book at the moment and it sounds like they met up at least once, and no one murdered anyone else so you never know. If they’re up for doing a film then yeah. Anything like that, we know Johnny’s manager’s, he’s a good friend of ours so maybe I’ll try and get on the phone one day and see how it goes.”

One artist that was floated though was rapper MIA, someone Whitecross was a big fan of.

“She’s a fascinating character, there’s so many sides to her personality," said the filmmaker. "She’s more exciting than anyone else out there. She has a political dimension to her and a philosophical dimension to her music and lyrics. I think there’s so many interesting things there to talk about her life.”