Suicide Squad Given The Honest Trailer Treatment!

A number of the Honest Trailers series from Screen Junkies have been made from a fan's standpoint, going on to point out the foibles in a light and lovingly way. As for this weeks edition of Suicide Squad? Forget it. For their humor is scathing and hilarious at the same time. With absolutely no punches pulled.

Listing off all the times the group were labeled "bad guys" from the opening minutes all the way through to the main battle scene, the narrator exhaustively states - "We get it, you suck!" It did not get any better from there.

"So gear up for the movie we all thought would get the DC extended universe back on track," said the narrator. "But instead give us two hours of characters trying to look cool to a soundtrack that sounds like someone scanning through a radio dile."

Worst of the Worst? Not Wrong There DC!

No character is spared the wrath of Honest Trailers in this version, outlining how a litany of exposition and poor planning killed the movie before it had a chance.

"Warner Brothers probably regrets just spending 6 weeks on the script for this one," starts the narrator. "Now, they have 4 short months to reshuffle their executives, juggle 7 different cuts, re-shoot the third act, deliver on all the Joker stuff they already showed in the trailers and manager/director (David Ayer) take shots at their biggest competition."

By this stage they cut to some fan footage of Ayer on stage yelling, "F*** Marvel!"

Suicide Squad Team

Kick Ass Bad Guys That Don't Really .... Kick Any Ass

One of many downfalls Suicide Squad was lambasted for was the inadequacies of their characters and what they actually brought to the table. With Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's Killer Croc being described as nothing more than a racial stereotype, the rest of the supporting crew came in for some heavy critique.

"A guy who shoots fire, but won't (Diablo). One chicken-chomping exposition machine who blurts out whatever the plot needs him to (Rick Flag). A drunk guy with a boomerang (Captain Boomerang); some Steven Segal-looking ass rope dork (Slipknot). A 90 lbs girl with a bat (Harley Quinn). Some lady that kind of just shows up and doesn't say anything and has a magic sword and isn't even kind of a bad guy, why is she here (Katana)? And Will Smith doing everything he can to save this movie."

Sadly, not even Mr. Independence Day could rescue this one.

Source: Slash Film