Suicide Squad Getting Extended Cut Treatment

I guess we could have predicted this was coming. After Batman v Superman failed to impress critics, Warner Bros responded by releasing an Extended Edition of the film. The longer cut was definitely not the cure all, but it did resolve some complaints viewers had. Plus it was R-rated, which fans greatly appreciated.

With Suicide Squad seeing the same er, response from critics and audiences, the studio is once again trying to do a "make good" with an extended cut. Based on BvS, expect the new edition to handle some symptoms, but not turn this film into a flawless adaptation.

Then again, Suicide Squad did have some (insanely) chopping editing. So perhaps adding some time will help smooth that same editing out. And it's been made clear that Jared Leto not only hates the film, but has a bit of animosity towards Warner Bros. Mostly because his character's involvement was misleading. Even to him. So perhaps more Joker as well and, if not, the studio might accidentally be confirming that the footage is being saved for other uses. You know, like a spin-off movie.

Suicide Squad Extended Cut

Suicide Squad Extended Cut Coming November 15th

Or December 13th, depending on your patience. If you have given up on purchasing Blu-Rays, then you can see the extended cut of Suicide Squad on Digital HD November 15th. If you are still a collector of the medium, then you're going to have to wait four weeks longer.

While an extended cut was predicted, it still comes as a bit of a surprise. When talking with Empire, director David Ayer promised that the film seen in theaters would be the only version ever seen. All while admitting that many different of the versions do in fact exist. Go figure.

"Honestly, there may be six or seven different versions of the film. In that version, test audiences were left with a lot of questions and a little disoriented. [Such] as to who to watch and why. So we came up with what we call the ‘dossier’ version, which has Amanda (Viola Davis) presenting the backstories and origins of the various members."

Will Smith in Suicide Squad

Even though Suicide Squad is a failure on the critical level, the film did take in a whopping $732.4 million off a budget of $175 million. Solid, but not as strong as Batman v Superman's return of $872.5 million. We'll call it the box office winner, but it did cost an additional $75 million to make.

What do you think? Will an extended cut of Suicide Squad bring a large improvement over the theatrical version? Or is it just another way for Warner Bros to cash in on our misguided hopes?