Stop Motion Animation Compares DC & Marvel at the Box Office

Wired has released a wonderful stop-motion animation that takes a quick look at the Box Office Battle between DC and Marvel properties. Or, more specifically, adaptations. Where the video succeeds is with the breakdown of success and failures with both DC and Marvel's first forays into film. What do we learn? Well, Howard the Duck might not have been the best choice for first adaptation from Marvel. Especially when taking on DC's Superman and Batman properties. Marvel did finally get their act together, but only after filing for bankruptcy and selling off their properties. So what brought the studio back?

Blade and Spider-Man of course. Though not distributed by Marvel, they were the first hits to bring Marvel back as a film studio. Which brings us to the current war between DC and Marvel at the box office. And this is where the video falls somewhat short.

Marvel in Phases

What it fails to touch upon is that, though DC was the first to find success, they are now late to the game. At least in regards to building out their comicbook universe. Or is it multiverse? But I digress... Phase One, also known as "Avengers Assembled", began in 2008 with Iron Man. A strong start, but it would take more properties and four years to bring together the Marvel universe with The Avengers.

Phase Two began with Iron Man 3 and ended with Ant-Man, perfectly setting up the additional character for Captain America: Civil War in 2016. This film also happens to be the beginning of Phase Three. Factoring in the eight-year gap, one can conclude that Marvel has been patient and meticulous in the structured release of their films. Seeing box office gold, DC decided to try the same thing.

Marvel vs DC

DC Warps Into Universe

Just searching for "DC Phase One" feels like stepping on Marvel toes. While there is no official studio timeline, fans typically resort to Man of Steel as the starting point. While blasted by critics, I was a fan of Snyder's delivery of Superman. Which quickly spawned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which did even worse with critics. And, while Marvel took multiple films to introduce its universe of characters, Dawn of Justice nut-punched did a reveal of the entire Justice League in just short of six minutes.

While it's easy to think poorly of Warner Bros' expedited DC properties, at least they are stilling killing it at the box office.

In the end, a good video, just wish it touched upon the successes of Marvel and DC, aka Warner Bros, as of recently.