Spider-Man: Homecoming Production Clip Tom Holland Describes As “Weird”

There are moments shooting scenes in front of a camera where even the star of the picture stops to ponder what they got themselves into. This realization happened to be caught on camera as Spider-Man: Homecoming lead Tom Holland was filmed behind the scenes with a shot that will be layered with CGI. Only to remark that the whole thing came across as "weird."

Prior to Sony and Marvel releasing the flick during the holiday period next year as of July 7, 2017, plenty of work needs to be done to create the final product. All while the studio hopes to keep their incredible run at the box office going. This facial capture illustrates how much the little 1% details matter. Going on to channel Robert Downey Jr. behind the Iron Man suit.

Facial capture w/Mr @tomholland2013

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Tom Knows Parker Is A Point Of Difference From Aged Heroes

While it might have been a fish out of water moment for Holland, the young British actor does look like he will fit into the environment well. Sporting a plain t-shirt as opposed to a costume dominated by spandex. He was able to find the humor among it all. 

"And this felt weird when I was in the costume."

For many emerging fans of the Marvel cinematic universe though, Holland's fresh take on Peter Parker is more than simply adding a new face to the ensemble. It is identifying with those under the age of 18 who might not feel any sort of attachment to heroes well above their own age bracket.

Opening up earlier in the year about his casting, the Englishman understood immediately what gave him a unique point of difference. "I think the biggest difference is his youth and innocence," remarked Holland.

Zendaya Scoffs At Tabloid Rumors As Pair Do A Good Deed

Cast in the role of Michelle as one of Peter Parker's close roommates, the press are circling around actress Zendaya and Holland to suggest the two co-stars might be share a fondness away from the cameras as well. Recently spotted walking together in New York City, Zendaya denied the gossip before they linked up for a good cause.

New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital was the setting as Holland and Zendaya put some smiles on kid's faces. Indicating that they are far removed from the oblivious celebrities that are in the business for the fame. He's winning us over already.

Source: THR, Inquisitr