Speculation Already Begins For Replacement Flash Director

Rick Famuyiwa has barely finished packing has bags and taking his belongings out of the DC offices before names have been linked with the director's chair for The Flash. THR are one of the those publications putting out a list of candidates to take the position. But not so fast, as the March 2018 release date appears to be delayed further until a new person can fill the void left by the Dope filmmaker.

Creative differences were cited as the main reason, an excuse that could encompass a myriad of behind-the-scenes problems over the direction of the blockbuster. Famuyiwa explained that he wanted a progressive, multicultural and topical superhero installment. Reading between the lines, Warner Brothers might have been meddling in that area to create something more formulaic.

Deadpool's Tim Miller Possibly Earmarked?

Tim Miller Directing Deadpool

Humor is a key feature for The Flash, a brash young tongue-in-cheek hero who doesn't fit the big bulking mold. That narrative mirrors the Marvel smash hit Deadpool and, with Tim Miller walking away from Ryan Reynolds and that sequel, could he cross the divide and make the switch to DC?

He is already onboard a Sonic the Hedgehog animation feature which might make things difficult contractually and for his schedule. But DC has the resources to bring him in if they desperately wanted the director. All to see if Miller can recreate the magic he had with their superhero rivals and make another hilarious blockbuster.

DC Could Take Risk Or Stay In-House With TV Director

Lexi Alexander Wonder Woman

52-year old Joss Whedon has been mentioned, another who could bounce on The Avengers with Marvel and therefore spurn his former employers. But Greg Berlanti is one name that stands out. Especially when you factor his work across the DC spectrum on the small screen. Not only has he made The Flash a great character on television, but he has the knowledge and experience across the extended universe with Supergirl, Arrow and Legend's of Tomorrow.

Then there is Lexi Alexander, a woman who has directed two separate episodes in the DC television realm and also has experience with Marvel's 2008 picture Punisher: War Zone. Yet an out-of-the-box suggestion lies with F. Gary Gray. Whose work with Straight Outta Compton won him enough acclaim to score the gig with Furious 8.

Whoever Warner Brothers and DC choose, the director will have to pick up the pieces of these "creative differences". With a cast mainly picked by the guy who just quit with preproduction already making strides.