Spawn Reboot News Dropping Prior To Comic-Con

Twenty years is a long time between takes. As Todd McFarlane has deliberated, drafted and shopped around his recreation of his 1997 installment Spawn. An R-rated superhero title before its time, the creator has put it on record that a script is finalized. Woohoo! And it is now just a matter of which studio wins the bidding rights battle to showcase the reboot.

Fronting his very own YouTube video to make the official announcement, McFarlane addressed a number of doubts and speculation about the movie to say that it is all stations go at this juncture. Earlier in the year he proclaimed that a new Spawn would be dark and "very R-rated," now we will see if the filmmaker is as good as his promise.

Page Cutting Process A Timely Task For McFarlane

Spawn (1997)

As if he was pitching the idea to the audience, McFarlane ran over the process to say that a screenplay has been in the works for some time. But when it comes to tabling the writing in front of a studio executive, the first detail they will notice is the length of the story. Something that has to be cut down to a precise number for it to get to the next stage.

"Today, the official news is the script is done, at least the first rough draft," he explained. "As you can see here, it's actually been done for a couple months. The initial rough draft was about 182 pages. That's way too long for Hollywood. They like it to be about 120 pages... I now have it down to 136 pages. I'll knock out about another ten or twelve pages out of that, and we'll get it there."

Huge Spawn News Is On The Way: Stay Tuned

Spawn Clown

Staying as vague as possible, both for legal purposes and to drive up the idea that there already is a strong desire to have a remake of a movie that made $47.8m in profit, McFarlane tells us that the time for waiting is over and before San Diego is underway, we will have official news.

"I haven't officially tried to sell it to anybody in Hollywood, but I've already had over 14 inquiries from people coming my way," he says. "So, in the next probably two months, right before San Diego Convention, we will have a big announcement as to when, where, how, and why this thing is going to continue to get more momentum on it. The script is done. No more talk. It's time to start thinking about making this movie."

Trailer Addict will keep you posted.

Source: MovieWeb