Sony Wants to Bond Daniel Craig to a Crapload of Money

If you are a subscriber of the premium network Showtime, there is a strong likelihood that you have been watching a lot of Bond films of recent. Especially Casino Royale. The first Bond installment of the next generation, the film showed audiences what a tough Bond looks like while cementing Daniel Craig as a leading man.

And, I may be bias, but Craig is a favorite. The actor has been nothing but great for the franchise... And for Sony.

Sony Offers Craig Huge Sum of Money to Remain Bond

We know that Tom Cruise is holding up operations in regards to the next Mission: Impossible installment for Paramount. After seeing the franchise earn just short of $3 billion, Cruise wants a bit more love on the backend.

Daniel Craig Casino Royale

The situation with Daniel Craig is a bit different. Craig just wants to move on and pursue other projects, but James Bond is just as profitable for Sony as Mission: Impossible is for Paramount. At approximately $3 billion in box office receipts since rebooting the franchise, Sony is now desperate to keep Daniel Craig onboard as Bond for back-to-back installments.

So how much is his involvement worth?

Daniel Craig Gets $150 Million Offer

Near the beginning of summer, Sony showed just how high they valued Daniel Craig with a $99 million offer for two additional Bond installments to wrap up the franchise before launching again with somebody new. The contenders so far are Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender. Showing just how bad he wants to get away from the franchise, Daniel Craig declined. A source had this to say to the Daily Mail:

Daniel is done –pure and simple–he told top brass at MGM after Spectre. They threw huge amounts of money at him, but it just wasn't what he wanted.

But Sony is not deterred. According to Esquire, Sony has countered Daniel Craig's rejection with a staggering $150 million offer. Now we are wondering if this offer might be Guinness Book worthy.

They will shoot two more films, which will be made virtually back-to-back. Preferably featuring Daniel as 007 before he passes the figurative baton to someone else. A third movie that will mark the start of the new era.

Though the details of the offer have not been disclosed, one has to wonder how much of that sum is up front or from the estimated backend. While I respect Daniel Craig for sticking to his principles, it's easy to understand why he'd decide to do two more Bond installments after all.