Snowpiercer To Get Television Series Spinoff From Terminator Creator

In 2013, Captain America aka Chris Evans starred in a bizarre, left field picture titled Snowpiercer. And, while it received good reviews, there was barely an appetite for a sequel. That is not however stopping an entire television series from spawning from it's creation. Josh Friedman of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles fame has been hired to give the film's plot the television treatment.

Snowpiercer (2016)

Bong Joon-ho's thriller about a group of travelers moving along a fast speed train post Ice Age seemingly came out of nowhere. It was enough to excite viewers who were after something unique from their science fiction/action flick diet.

Received well by critics and more than doubling the $40m budget to return $86.8m, TNT has decided in their wisdom to draw out the story further.

Plenty Of Subject Material to Work With

Snowpiercer (2013)

If there is one thing audience members were not asking themselves as they came out of the cinemas after consuming the movie, it was not saying: "Snowpiercer explained too much, if only they kept some of the details to themselves!" From the origins of Evans' character Curtis Everett to Tilda Swinton's Minister Mason and Ed Harris' criminally evil Minister Wilford - there is lots to digest.

Bong Joon-ho is returning as a producer alongside Chan-wook Park. Seems a bit quick, but the pilot is already on order. The movie was adapted from the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, which provides room for more story. It should be be intriguing to see how much of the narrative will shift either towards the original story or keep true to the motion picture.

Terminator Series a Promising Sign

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

All you can judge directors, writers and producers on are their previous work. When it comes to Josh Friedman, his best production to date is Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Working as a writer on Avatar 2 for a 2018 release, Friedman will get the opportunity to drive the series that has a lot to work with.

He wrote the pilot that has been given the all clear from TNT as Friedman will be joined by Marty Adelstein from Prison Break and Becky Clements of Aquarius to help the producing process go over nice and smooth. EVP Original Programming at TNT Sarah Aubrey gave a brief statement about the upcoming project.

"Snowpiercer has one of the most original concepts to hit the screen in the last decade, and it’s one that offers numerous opportunities for deeper exploration in a series format," said Aubrey. "We look forward to expanding TNT’s relationship with Tomorrow Studios and their take on a world where humanity is pushed to the extreme."

Source: /Film