Simon Pegg Drops Hint That Star Trek 4 Is In The Works

46-year old Simon Pegg is such a crucial cog in the Star Trek machine. So much so that the Englishman has the double duty of writing the script on top of fronting the camera to play Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in the rebooted series. While the 2016 installment Star Trek Beyond was not the overwhelming success at the box office like it's predecessor Star Trek Into Darkness, making $123.9m less in the process to end with $343.5m, the critics love the new direction the franchise has taken creatively speaking.

Much of that should be credited to Pegg, who posted an image on social media this week that raised more questions than it answered.

Sitting alongside screenwriter and colleague Doug Jung at Bad Robot headquarters, the Star Trek Beyond co-writers intimated that something was in the works with the tagline, "Today ..." attached.

Nothing Confirmed As Duo Pair Up Again

Earning his stripes as a writer with 2004's black comedy Shaun of the Dead, Pegg has managed to transition from an alternative act in the U.K. to a mainstream success. This experience enabled him to go onto write and star in Hot Fuzz, Run Fatboy Run and Paul. All leading up to 2016's Star Trek Beyond, which opened him up to the world of the blockbuster at the writer's table.

Simon Pegg in Star Trek Beyond

He teamed up with Jung, who played Ben in a cameo for the film as well as writing the screenplay with the performer. Jung's past credits saw him work as a producer in television for Big Love and Dark Blue. While also penning scripts for series like Breaking Bad and Banshee. Whether they are serious or not about the project for a 4th installment is anyone's guess, but these two are clearly up to something.

Hemsworth Already Lined Up To Reprise Kirk Role

Even before Star Trek Beyond hit cinemas this year, it was mentioned in passing that Chris Hemsworth's performance as George Kirk would get a reprisal. The 33-year old Thor star has been a limited presence since making his debut in the series via a short cameo in 2009's Star Trek. Going on to provide a voiceover in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Chris Hemsworth Star Trek

George Kirk is the late father of Captain James T. Kirk and son of Tiberius Kirk. The extra star power bringing in the Australian in a greater capacity should help their box office takings as it is said to be a shorter budget they will be playing with.

Source: Cinema Blend