Shane Black Brings A DCEU Addition To The Predator

As production nears towards a February 2017 start date, The Predator director Shane Black is putting the pieces of the puzzle together behind the scenes. With the cast being centered on two bright newcomers in the Hollywood scene via Logan's Boyd Holbrook and Olivia Munn from The Newsroom and more recently X-Men: Apocalypse, cinematographer Larry Fong will now be part of the project.

Plenty of eyes and ears will be on the reboot that had a fleeting moment of glory with the Arnold Schwarzenneger original. Yet it has struggled to live up to that hype in the subsequent sequels, spinoffs and crossovers with the Alien vs. Predator concept. Now Black has a seasoned professional to help him create the universe he wants and translate that onto the big screen.

Fire Up The Fong: Black Wants The Look Just Right

Batman v Superman Face to Face

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might have be panned in many circles, but one aspect it was rarely criticized for was the aesthetic of the blockbuster. This is one feature Fong had a major hand in for it's cinematography, adding to his impressive work with 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch, a 2011 fantasy thriller that looked spectacular in spite of a convoluted script.

J.J. Abrams was the first to notice his talent and gave him a break working on his cult television series Lost. This offered Fong a platform for more in what would be an illustrious career in the field. He went on to working in Now You See Me and another upcoming reboot, Kong: Skull Island.

More Details Still Kept Under Lock and Key by Black

Predator (1987)

What we know so far... We have two of the cast inked on paper. A cinematographer has been selected. And the film won't be set in the Los Angeles suburbs like some had suspected. Even with delays, the theatrical release remains set for February 9, 2018. Benicio Del Toro dropped out. And the movie will also reference the 1987 original. Coming 30 years after Arnie and co set the franchise off with a blast, Black admitted to the press that there will be winks and nods to that installment three decades previous.

Whilst the appetite from fans is big, the director knows that he has to keep the cards closer to his chest. All while he develops the characters and ideas a bit further. It will be a long process, sure. But he can rest safe in the knowledge he has Larry Fong on his team to make it look the part.

Source: Cinema Blend