Scarlett Johansson Reveals Secret Texts To Lobby For Black Widow Movie

The red carpets at the Academy Awards offered the ideal platform on Sunday night for the press to quiz superstar Scarlett Johansson on her potential role in an upcoming Black Widow standalone installment. The rumors and speculation have been hovering for years, seeing Johansson and Marvel filmmaker Joss Whedon talk about the subject in open forums like this.

While the character will once again be showcased in a major ensemble courtesy of Avengers: Infinity War, fans have been crying out to see a fully fledged female get her own flick. So will it ever happen?

“I don’t know, I don’t know at this point." But does the concept excite her? “Of course, we (Whedon) talk about it all the time… We text each other back and forth. Little spidey emojis."

Russo Brothers Tease Ahead of Infinity War

Atlanta, Georgia is a hotbed of Marvel activity right now. With the American city used as the central hub to shoot Avengers: Infinity War and an untitled Avengers 4 title back-to-back. Yet directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are never ones to sit around in between shoots as the duo this week posted an intriguing image on social media.

The grab did not come accompanied with any caption to decipher the coded message. Keeping their cards close to the chest as fans debate the merits of the image. Some believe it is taken from the same location Thanos grabbed the Infinity Gauntlet during the post credits scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Infinity War co-writer Stephen McFeely dropped a clue of his own on the Blu-ray DVD copy of Doctor Strange. At least when it comes to the villain. McFeely hints that the stones will be a key piece of the puzzle.

"His goal is to re-balance the universe as he sees it. So when he figures out that the Infinity Stones could do this for him at the snap of a finger, that becomes his main goal."

Fan Video Offers X-Men v Avengers Plot In Logan Post Credit Scene

Beware - potential spoilers ahead. 

While Logan has yet to hit theaters ahead of it's March 3 debut, a fan has posted a video online that is clearly bogus. But a lot of fun. As the credits to the Marvel blockbuster close, we see Deadpool (not the real Deadpool) watching the end of the movie as he longs to find "the Murtagh to his Riggs."

Cut to Thor's hammer dropping in on the seat next to him, and you have a showdown that will definitely not be happening. Not in the foreseeable future anyways.

Source: CB, MovieWeb