Samuel Goldwyn Films Buys Rights To New Idris Elba Drama

Outside of Daniel Craig and Benedict Cumberbatch, there aren't many English actors a movie would want to star in their project than the one and only Idris Elba. Long mooted to play the next James Bond, Variety reports that Samuel Goldwyn Films have bought the rights to A Hundred Streets. A British picture that will hit screens on January 13th next year in 2017.

Having already premiered in June at the Los Angeles Film Festival, the story revolves around the interconnecting stories of city dwellers in London. As the film progresses, the narratives begin to overlap. The Luther and The Wire star portrays a former rugby player.

Samuel Goldwyn's decision to acquire comes on the back of a warm reception from the festival.

Unearthed Supporting Cast For US Audience

A Hundred Streets

A Hundred Streets is looking to unearth some acting gems for the global audience, putting forward some names more familiar with a U.K. crowd. The cast gets a bit more unrecognizable away from the British Isles. Elba's wife is played by 30-year old Gemma Arterton of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters fame, with Franz Drameh portraying a small-time drug dealer. Tom Cullen also stars as a photographer.

The 2017 ensemble flick will be directed by Jim O’Hanlon, as it rounds out the cast with Charlie Creed-Miles, Kierston Wareing, and Ken Stott. Elba himself will double his duties in a producing capacity. He will have a lot of help with executives working around the clock on his behalf. Notably John Caudwell, Xavier Alcan, Thomas R. Atherton, Justin Bache, Janette Day, Mark Denney, Natasha Dwyer, and Joe Hutchinson.

Idris Elba One Of Hollywood's Most Versatile and Charismatic

Idris Elba Beasts of No Nation

Across a range of genres - drama, thriller, biopic, blockbusters, indy television - there is very little left for Idris Elba to prove. His talent and versatility are obvious. From Star Trek Beyond, Pacific Rim, Prometheus and Thor: The Dark World, the 44-year old illustrates that he isn't phased by the big stage and can stand out amongst a host of other qualified compatriots.

Likewise, Elba is humble enough to venture out of the eye-catching picture to return to his roots. Much like he is here with A Hundred Streets and his work on the English cop drama Luther. It will be intriguing to see what he produces in January. But, judging by what he's done to date, you know it's going to be damn good.