Ryan Reynolds: “F***ing Rascal” Deadpool Is My Alter Ego

Once derided for his movie flops and failing to take his career seriously, now Ryan Reynolds is liberated and riding the crest of a wave courtesy of Marvel's Deadpool. The project had been years in the making, thanks most in part to the continual efforts of the star. But it came down to one particular self-made promo video that landed the greenlight.

The final product now gives the 39-year old Canadian an outlet to vent and get creative as the franchise grows into something of more significance in the superhero world.

Reynolds sat down with THR ahead of the hotly anticipated sequel and outlined the lengths he goes behind the scenes. Which touches upon what the role means for him psychologically. The casting stage remains a work in progress, freeing some time for the cheeky performer to reflect on the success of the foul-mouthed hero.

Reynolds Channels The Man Under The Masked

Deadpool Romantic Ad

"Deadpool is probably the most unpolished superhero out there. And it gave us this almost unfair advantage," explained the actor. "We used this opportunity over and over because we had a character that is a total misfit and f***ing rascal. I can channel this guy in a way I just can't seem to channel anything else. When it comes to Deadpool's sensibility, and certainly his sense of humor, I feel like we were born on the same end of the spectrum."

If it wasn't just the similarities in humor and personality, it is the drive and passion the project gives Reynolds. A passion that really sparks him into life between shooting.

“I’ve never taken ownership like this before," Reynolds said. "I could email (Fox domestic marketing chief Marc Weinstock) or anyone on his team at three in the morning with pitches and ideas. And somehow a response would come back within 10 or 15 minutes."

Reynolds and His Team Got Around Smaller Budget With Viral Marketing

Deadpool Marketing

Demonstrating an initial lack of confidence by the studio in Reynolds' new passion project, his team got around the modest $60m budget by utilizing spoofs, potty jokes and sexual innuendo. All in hopes to turn a negative into a positive. Every chance for a pop-up add or billboard was an opportunity to catch the eye and let everyone know what the character was about from the outset.

"The ad buys for Deadpool were minimal compared to the reward we reaped because we hijacked the internet." said the star.