Ryan Gosling Teases A Tour Of Blade Runner 2 Set

Giving money to charity usually shouldn't come with a caveat, but Ryan Gosling has made sure that the generosity will be getting something quite substantial in return. Yahoo reports that the Hollywood heartthrob this week took a quick lap around the production studios of Blade Runner 2 in Budapest. While this is a typical move for a featurette, he was instead promoting the Enough! campaign and offering one lucky donor the opportunity to join him and Harrison Ford on set.

The winner gets to watch the stars shoot scene and hang with them between takes. Not too bad!

The 35-year old shot the video courtesy of Omaze attached to a golf cart. The star of La La Land then went on to put some icing on the charity cake. Explaining that those willing to help fight for peace and justice in Africa, applicants will also be in the running (mind the pun) to score a never-to-forget day out in Eastern Europe. Never has supporting Congo's plight seemed so lucrative.


Film Still Without A Title, Just Heavy Hitters

If a returning Harrison Ford was not enough for fans of the original to get palpably excited about the return of the science fiction classic, then the supporting cast will help move that along a little bit. With Ryan Gosling taking a key role in proceedings, he will be pairing up with Suicide Squad's own Jared Leto, Robin Wright from House of Cards and Dave Bautista. The latter fresh from attempting to take down James Bond in Spectre.

Ridley Scott's 1982 flick took some time establishing itself. Though some might not remember, the sci-fi classic was far from an instant hit at the box office or even with critics. Yet, over time it became a reference point for inquisitive, deep and thought-provoking filmmaking that continues to stand the test of time even in 2016. Hence why it is also referred as a cult classic as well.

Ryan Gosling Drive

Director Giddy Over Gosling

It is hard to disagree with anyone who admires the work of Ryan Gosling. The captivating dramatic actor has a habit of nailing any role put in front of him and as The Straight Times reports, it appears that director Denis Villeneuve has got a case of Gosling fever.

"I can say nothing...it's an insane project that is moving forward...we are in the middle of the shoot right now and Ryan Gosling is fantastic," Villeneuve explained. "For me it's a big, big, big...artistic encounter. I have never been that inspired by an actor. He is really doing something special in front of the camera right now."