Pyramid Releases Rogue One Merch and Cool Lenticular Posters!

For fans looking to get a jump on expanding their Star Wars merchandise collection, they may want to head on over to Pyramid International. The product store has released its Rogue One catalogue and it is chock full of new artwork and other collectables. While there are plenty of notables as you browse through all 48 pages, one thing that stood out were artsy posters. To put a bit of icing on the cake, some come in Lenticular versions as well.

Pyramid Shows Off Rogue One Merchandise

By the time one gets halfway through the catalogue it begins to show off the artwork. Sure, the mugs, pens and toys are all cool, but the artwork can really decorate a movie geek's office. The first thing that surprised us was that some of the art looked like it could be from Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. I could have sworn Mondo has one that looks awfully familiar to one that Pyramid is showcasing. But, ignoring the similarity, the posters are pretty rad and definitely do not break away from the Star Wars marketing formula. Two of our favorite "classic" collage posters being...

Rogue One Pyramid Poster Rebels
Rogue One Pyramid Poster Empire

Lenticular Rogue One Posters

Pretty cool right? Sure, there are some other more-artsy posters available that up the wow factor, but the two above also come in a 3D Lenticular version. Our only complaint as the er, technology doesn't allow for the typical 24"x36" poster size. Instead, the Lenticular options only come in 10x8", which definitely won't fill out a wall. At that size, you could fit these things above a door. Not sure if its possible, but a poster size version would have been insane. To get a taste of the Lenticulating action, take a look at the gif below.

Rogue One Lenticular Poster Set

Both Lenticular Poster options from Pyramid International for Rogue One only come in size 10"x8"

Impressed? Well then check out the entire catalogue here.