The Purge Franchise has No Signs of Slowing Down with an Upcoming TV Show and Prequel in the Works

Since Hollywood likes to milk every successful concept they have rather than come up with an original idea, The Purge film series is headed for television. The three successful movie entries revolve around the night of the purge. An annual twelve hour event that takes place in the future which allows all crime to go unpunished.

Time to Purge Television

The Purge: Election Year Wallpaper

The first film stars Ethan Hawke as a father who attempts to keep his family safe amid the horror outside of his large home. The second film, Anarchy, deals with what goes on in the streets during the Purge for those who are not lucky enough to afford a fully secured home. The third film, Election Year follows a presidential candidate who wants to put an end to the Purge. Unfortunately, she ends up having to fight for her life, as her detractors decide to get rid of her. Even with the three perspectives during the event, filmmaker DeMonaco, the man behind the films, believes there are many more stories to be told.

DeMonaco does not have a fully realized plan for what the series will be. But he does know that he wants six or seven story lines that will eventually converge. Since the film format of 90 minutes restricts what could be told, DeMonaco finds that a series format would provide extra time to dig deeper into the complexities. Such as provide more background on different characters who take part in the purge. The episodic telling of the story will better explain the society's need for the purge in the first place. As of yet, there has not been any discussion of which network may take on the show. But due to its content, it will most likely end up on cable or a streaming platform.

The Purge Gets a Prequel

The Purge TV Broadcast

Plans to continue the franchise do not end with a television show either. There is a prequel in the works as well. DeMonaco wants to show audiences what was happening in the country that led to the decision to adopt the purge. While he does plan on writing and producing the prequel, he has no plans on directing it.

Whether audiences are clamoring for more purge antics or have seen enough, they may be getting them anyway. Just like with most horror films, there is great success with The Purge films with their minuscule budgets and substantial box office returns. Capitalizing on that success is a necessary (Hollywood) business move. Judging by  the pattern of the first three films, which have gained bigger box office numbers with each new movie, The Purge's popularity shows no sign of slowing down.