Post Credits Scene Confirmed For Logan

In most other instances, it is a right of passage that a Marvel movie has something at the end of a movie to tease a future installment. When it was announced that Logan would be an R rated farewell for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart's characters however, it was largely believed that this would not be the case.

The March 3, 2017 premiere will give the mainstream release it's debut and within the version not shown to critics, there will be a post credit scene. What it involves or who it involves is yet to be seen and until it is is leaked on the Internet, it would be wise to steer clear of such spoilers and see the blockbuster for yourself.

Mangold Talks Future Creation


Set in the year 2029, director James Mangold told /FILM that he wanted to take some topical reference points to forecast what he believes this time period will ultimately look like.

"Well, I think the main thing I did was try to think a little bit about just what the political realities and cultural realities of the moment were," explained the filmmaker. "Mainly, knowing immigration is such a hot button in the country at this moment, and thinking about that wall in the southwest that some candidates were promising. We were shooting during the presidential election, and thinking about how we could just kind of put these elements in the movie and use them in the same way (that) from the beginning, the X-Men series has used current cultural and sociological issues as kind of ways to explore what it is to be a mutant. And I thought putting mutants in the immigrant experience, on the run, trying to get across the border, being chased, would be really interesting for this film."

Those Comics Aren't Real Marvel Comics


Revealing something of a trade secret for those that have seen the Logan trailer, the X-Men comic book series James Howlett picks up in the film are not copies you can go out and buy at the local store. Mangold outlined why this was the case.

"We had to make them all," he admitted. "Marvel only agreed to let me do this as long as we didn’t use any real Marvel comics. So we made them all up. But they involved existing Marvel characters. But they just couldn’t be real Marvel comics. You’d have to go ask Marvel why. But the reality was that once we did that, for me, the story idea was that all these comics exist. The whole library of Marvel comics, action figures, all of it exists."

Source: Collider, /FILM