Pierce Brosnan Addresses Cable Rumor For Deadpool 2

Knowing that the Hollywood world would be talking if he posted an ambiguous photo next to Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, Pierce Brosnan was questioned about the image. Especially about whether there was any truth to the Cable rumors. With the key sidekick yet to be cast ahead of Deadpool 2, the Irishman's name was circulated alongside Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe, Kyle Chandler, David Harbour and the current frontrunner Michael Shannon.

Production for the title is said to begin at some point in 2017 and all anyone wants to know is who will be taking the important part. Appearing this week on ABC's talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor admitted that he was only having fun with the two superstars to say that there was no truth to the speculation.

Pierce Plays Cheeky Monkey With The Fans

Delving into his part-time painting career that included an interesting self portrait of note, the GoldenEye star was finally confronted over Cable. It was not in the affirmative.

"Not true," he remarked bluntly. "Nothing's come my way yet. It was completely made up. We were sitting waiting for a plane, the three of us, and the guys said, 'Quick! Let's get a photograph.' Jumped in the middle and Mr. Reynolds said, 'Let's do three wise monkeys.' Put it out there and it went viral that I was going to play Cable."

As the host pondered his response, he wondered whether or not Brosnan was the lying type.

"I aint lyin', I don't lie," he argued. "They know where to find me. It's just fabrication. I would tell you Jimmy (Kimmel) everything. I'm that kind of guy."

If Cable Is In, Where Does That Leave Tolliver?

Mr Tolliver as Villain in Deadpool 2

Those that know the Marvel comic world understand the role Mr. Tolliver plays against Deadpool and with the sequel said to feature Cable, his nemesis could very well take part. Screen Rant offered a rundown of his interaction with the pair, putting forward the argument that the antagonist would be a natural inclusion if writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese were looking for more intriguing characters to play with.

"Way back in 1991, Cable was still relatively new to comics (having just been introduced the year before) and was in the process of reorganizing the New Mutants team into what would become X-Force. An arms dealer named Mr. Tolliver (or sometimes just “Tolliver”) seemed to have a grudge against Cable, having hired his mercenary squad and purposefully sent them against a group led by Stryfe (who at the time wasn’t known to be Cable’s clone). Intensifying the feud, Tolliver then hired Deadpool to attack Cable and the New Mutants… and also had Deadpool kidnap Domino so she could be replaced by Deadpool’s girlfriend, Copycat."

Source: MovieWeb, Screen Rant