Patrick Stewart “100%” Eager To Play Professor X In Legion

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden this week promoting Logan, Patrick Stewart made headlines to outline his enthusiasm for a potential part on Legion. The FX series is based on the comic book character David Haller, a mind-bending mutant who is one of the most powerful species of his kind in the Marvel world.

Having closed the chapter of his role as Charles Xavier/Professor X from the X-Men movies, the 76-year old was showing no signs of fatigue on the CBS talk show. Despite assurances from the program that the television and movie worlds will be kept apart, there is a chance as Legion progresses to unite the two.

Job Offer Ready and Waiting For Sir Pat: Stevens

Retelling the story about the Berlin premiere moment when Hugh Jackman and Stewart shed a tear together, he left the door open to reprise the role on the small screen. As host James Corden poked and prodded for a return, Stewart played around with the idea.

"Someone has mentioned Deadpool..." remarked a sheepish Stewart. "It's not for me to say." Then Legion star Dan Stevens jumped in with the mother load of all suggestions. "What about Professor X in Legion?" he quizzed to rapturous applause. "So technically Patrick - Sir Patrick - plays my father. I mean Professor X is David Haller's father in the Marvel universe. So essentially I've got a job offer for Patrick."

As the Charles Xavier star became more and more animated alongside host Corden, he was asked straight out if he's in on the project.

"Absolutely!" he replied. "100%"

Fans Told Hugh Some Home Truths After Origins Disaster

Paired up with a Wolverine lookalike during an interview with Bleeding Cool, Jackman admitted that he couldn't end the character without redeeming one particular movie. Seeing the backstory installment in 2009 let down so many of the comic book faithful that included an ill-fated Deadpool appearance, the Australian said that his time with the claws for 17 years will always stay close with him.

"It’s always with me. But I’ll miss it at times, I fell like I’m part of that family. This movie in a way is a love letter to the fans. It’s who I speak to. If not every day, then every other day of my life, because they never hold back. Never, ever. They tell me exactly how it is – even after the first X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They were like, 'dude'..”

Source: Bleeding Cool