Ocean’s Eight Set Images Leaked Featuring Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock

Vulture reports that two of the big stars have been snapped on set for the upcoming all female sequel Ocean's 8. The ensemble cast featuring such names as Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, and Sarah Paulson are on board the ambitious project. Production is already under way to shoot a number of scenes.

The leaked images capture arguably two of the biggest stars - Sandra Bullock and Australian Cate Blanchett. The media are having a frenzy picking apart the dress and the location to try and piece it together. All in hopes to get the scoop, but all we know is the film is shooting right now. So leave them to it!

Blanchett and Bullock Having A Grand Old Time

Ocean's Eight Set Photo

Kitted out in lavish coats and sporting sunglasses to look the part of clever, underhanded agents of chaos, Bullock and Blanchett appeared in a giddy mood during filming. Just by the look of the photos, the pair laughed their way through most of the snaps. Perhaps they were reveling in the fact they know what the movie is about while we are left to guess. Either way, they are having a hell of a lot of fun and making a ton of cash in the meantime.

With fringe, lesser-known casting being rounded off to make the picture a finalized product, the specific roles and synopsis are being kept under wraps. Tight enough to prevent a heist or a member of the paparazzi grabbing it. With those details coming out in due course, all we have are these stills from Cate and Sandra's coffee date.


George Clooney To Make An Appearance Reveals An Inside Source

Ocean's Eleven Remake

According to Heat Street, the women won't be allowed to go it alone. If the rumors are true, George Clooney will make a comeback to the franchise. A supposed "inside source" let slip that he will reprise his original role. But this time the dynamics will be different.

“George Clooney will once again play Danny Ocean but his responsibilities have shifted to overseeing the female thieves,” explains said source. “He’s nominally their boss and there’s plenty of good-natured ribbing between him and the women. Clooney has a proper supporting role in Ocean’s Eight, it’s not a cameo like Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd had in Ghostbusters.”

If he is indeed back as Danny Ocean, Clooney is doing a top job of avoiding the paps. Sneaky guy.