No Rogue Two: Studio Confirms Next Star Wars Feature Is Stand Alone Only

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story might be such an overwhelming success that the fans demand a sequel to the December blockbuster. But forget it. LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy cut off any hope for a potential Rogue Two. I know, boo. Stating for the record that such a project will never come to pass with the new feature acting as a stand alone flick only. Just in case it hasn't set in, this will be the only prequel of its kind to Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

If only to drive home the point further, visual effects artist John Knoll supported Kennedy's claims. Admitting that it is a rare stand alone that does actually tie into a past movie, Knoll explains that Rogue One was always meant to be a self-contained film.

Director Gareth Edwards had his tongue firmly in cheek to remark, “that sequel will be directed by George Lucas,” to point firmly to the 1977 original.

Will Rogue One Be A Record Breaker?

Rogue One Trailer Darth Vader

As the figure of $150m opening box office takings continues to fly around the lips of studio executives and boardrooms around Hollywood, expectations have fluctuated depending on who is talking at the time. With Walt Disney Co. chairman Bob Iger pouring cold water over the idea that they could get one over their own 2015 installment The Force Awakens, others believe the dominant marketing campaign could translate into record numbers.

Although fans of the franchise will know how Jyn Solo and co will fare to steal the plans to the Death Star. At least, judging by the first flick almost 40 years prior, it has not dampened the enthusiasm. Opening in theaters on December 16 during that crucial "pre-Christmas corridor," few should doubt this franchise's capabilities of hitting astronomical figures.

Disney To Leak New Content Via Twitter This Week

Rogue One

If you are in the mood for some “never before seen content” then we suggest you keep tabs on Disney's official Twitter account. The production company plans to show off film footage as well as live stream a Q&A with some members of the cast.

This move is said to have been pushed by the social media giants who managed to secure rights to certain NFL games on Thursday nights this season. The hour-long stream is set for 10 am PT this Friday - mark it in your diaries.

Source: Variety, Recode