Nightwatch Rumored To Feature In Spider-Man: Homecoming

/FILM reports that studio executives and producers are examining the possibility of integrating one of Spider-Man's great villains, or should we say anti-heroes, into his upcoming stand-alone feature. Who you ask? Nightwatch. With filming of the picture changing from Atlanta to New York City, the rumor mill is in full swing. Leaks off the set are starting to make their online and there is a suggestion the Spawn-looking character might be featured in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Peter Parker is already set to face off with Michael Keaton's Vulture. Many will agree that this is a fitting return to the superhero genre for the actor. Keaton not only made Batman famous in 1989, but spoofed the portrayal in 2014's highly acclaimed black comedy Birdman.

Whilst Bokeem Woodbine is expected to take on the role of Shocker, there could be a chance that he will be Nightwatch instead. Albeit very unlikely.

Marvel Sifting Through The Series In Search Of Bad Guys

Spider-Man Comic Books

Where there is smoke there is fire. Though Nightwatch might not make his debut in a villain-heavy opening for Homecoming, there is every chance he will feature in the rebooting of the character in the new Marvel universe.

And unnamed insider quoted by /FILM explained that these pre-planning of casting “usually indicated that a character is planned for an upcoming movie and all the employees want to know everything they can about them, ahead of meetings, discussions, plans and merchandising strategies.” And this extensive process required “buying up any and all comic books that feature the character.”

Similarities To R-Rated Spawn Character Not Lost On Creators

It is impossible to put Nightwatch and Spawn side by side and not conclude that the former was very much inspired by the latter. Marvel has not even attempted to suggest this isn't the case. And, given the 19-year desire to reboot Spawn again since its initial debut in 1997, who knows if the R-rated anti-hero could get another shot at redemption?

Spawn (1997)

The Image comic book creation does not fit into the Marvel dynamic, but given the striking similarities perhaps it could be incorporated. Just as long as the studio is willing to buy the rights. The film that is almost two decades old was critically panned, yet history is kinder to the Michael Jai White production. Especially given it had an African American in the leading role, utilized a selfish anti-hero rather than a caped crusader and went extremely dark. Only Deadpool has gone close to encapsulating that energy since.