New Trailer Shows Doctor Strange Fighting With The Avengers

The wonderful folks at Comedy Central UK have developed a trailer all of their own making. All to illustrate what an Avengers film would look like with Doctor Strange involved. Inserting footage from other Marvel installments including Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, the 59 seconds offers a small glimpse of a world where Benedict Cumberbatch joined the fold.

Standing in for Paul Bettany's spectacular entrance as Edwin Jarvis, who pops into Tony Stark's lavish abode, Thor, Captain America and Bruce Banner size up the new addition. "Oh," starts Banner, "This is definitely the end times!"

Lucky Strange Was Not In Civil War

Doctor Strange in Avengers

During that infamous scene in Captain America: Civil War where the Avengers were split down the middle at the airport fight, the dynamics in this trailer demonstrates why it was a good thing not to have Strange involved. Standing alongside Steve Rogers, Ant-Man and co, the cast was already jam packed with big names and obscure abilities. One more was not going to make the difference.

How he will eventually fit in when Infinity War comes about is a challenge the studio appreciates and have planned for. Judging by the end credits of Doctor Strange later this week, we will hopefully get a sneak peak of a crossover. All in hopes of giving some idea of what will be in store.

The Doctor Gives His Superhero Diagnosis

Marvel have stepped up their game even further. Giving Benedict Cumberbatch the opportunity to diagnose the physical, mental and emotional problems facing Iron Man, Captain America and the other warriors wounded in the Civil War fight. Explaining that he is a doctor and not a mechanic before outlining that Rogers and Stark's beef is down to a broken heart, he used the moment to plug his magic powers and unique world. Therefore providing a point of difference from the hulking mess that has taken place.

Clearly the blueprint is in place to make Infinity War a blockbuster of epic proportions. Given the mind-bending tricks that will be hitting cinemas, throwing in the Avengers to the mix will be a stellar roller coaster unparalleled to what has gone before.