New Trailer For Natalie Portman Biopic Jackie

Before arriving at cinemas on December 2, Jackie has been given the trailer treatment and the first signs are promising. Actress Natalie Portman plays the former First Lady through one of the most tumultuous times in US history. Dealing with the grief of her husband's assassination and coping with life in the spotlight before and after the tragedy.

The Jackie trailer is jam packed with flashbacks surrounding that infamous day in 1963. All while examining an individual who kept such public poise amid the horrors that surrounded her life.

The Fox Searchlight production already made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival and the Pablo Larrain-directed film looks set to be shown on the big screen just in time for the award season.

Jackie To Showcase Strong Supporting Cast 

Peter Sarsgaard in Jackie

Ensuring that the initial rave reviews are not unwarranted, the casting list looks to give Portman the scope to shine. It stars Watchmen's Billy Crudup as a journalist, Greta Gerwig as Nancy Tuckerman and Max Casella as Jack Valenti. The collection of character doesn't stop there. We have John Carroll Lynch as President Lyndon B. Johnson, John Hurt as a priest and Peter Sarsgaard in the key role of Bobby Kennedy.


45-year old Sarsgaard rarely disappoints. Following on from great work including Black Mass, Jarhead and Garden State. The Green Lantern seems to be a mark against his reputation. The partner of Maggie Gyllenhaal will have a tough task bringing Robert "Bobby" Kennedy to life again. Especially after Martin Sheen's magnificent portrayal of JFK's younger brother in the 2000 thriller Thirteen Days alongside Kevin Costner.

Portman A Seasoned Professional Heading Into Award Season

Natalie Portman in the Jackie Trailer

If the intention of Jackie was to sweep all before them at the Oscars, then they have the right woman in front of the camera. Natalie Portman won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2011 for Black Swan. Along with a BAFTA and Golden Globe for good measure.

Having overcome some sticky patches including some Razzie nominations for her performances in the Star Wars New Trilogy, Portman appears to be comfortable in her own skin to pursue bold ventures like this. Though under 2 minutes for this particular trailer, it seems there will be no Razzies in sight for Ms. Portman anytime soon.