New Logan Pictures Leaked Shows Violent X-23 On The Loose

Last weeks penultimate trailer for Logan gave the audience a much greater insight into the capacity of X-23, the young protege to Wolverine who helps his guardian fight the odds to protect himself and Charles Xavier. Now Empire have been provided with fresh images that go into further detail, illustrating a blood hungry warrior who is on the rampage - killing Reavers left, right and center.

Director James Mangold made an unusual connection to the actress Dafne Keen, saying she was akin to the character from the 2006 comedy Little Miss Sunshine. Perhaps tongue was firmly placed in cheek for that comment, as Australian star Hugh Jackman outlined that the 11-year old is anything but an angel.

Empire X-23 for Logan

"I just yelled, 'SHUT THE F*** UP!' At the end of 40 minutes of this I went up to Maria, Dafne’s mum, and I said, 'Maria, I’ve got an 11-year-old and I’m just really sorry,' said Jackman. "Maria said, 'Aw, don’t worry, she just called you a c***. In Spanish.'"

Logan's X-23

No Soft Opening, Prepare For Blood Very Early On

Nick Romano from Collider outlined that the first 40 minutes of Logan, something he witnessed via a private press screening last month, would include a lot of violence to justify the R rating. Following the success of Deadpool in the Marvel universe, Mangold, Jackman and co pushed the studio to give it the added spice of gore and language that will have fans flocking in their millions.

"I’ve seen the first 40 minutes of the film from a press preview last month, so believe me when I say things get pretty bloody," states Romano. "But just in case you want more proof, Mangold reports Logan has been officially rated R by the MPAA for 'strong brutal violence and language throughout, and for brief nudity.'"

Logan (2017)

Bleak Future Leaves Mutants On The Run

The past two weeks have provided Logan fans with a lot of details leading into the March 3 debut, with the filmmakers explaining that the story is set in 2029 where no new mutant has been born for years as the Reavers hunt down the remainder of the species for their own personal gain.

As 90-year old Charles Xavier clings to his last few years, it is up to the help of Wolverine and X-23 to fight Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and his collection of mercenaries. With Stephen Merchant playing the mercurial Caliban and Richard E. Grant the villainous Zander Rice, these three characters have a hell of a task to save mutant kind.

Source: Empire, Collider