New Logan Mashup Trailer Shows Wolverine’s Epic Journey

The traumatic past of Logan has been put forward in the most creative of ways possible. YouTuber afauclair mashed together scenes from old Wolverine installments leading into 2017's epic. For a character that spends half his time on screen waking up in cold sweets remembering his haunting memories, this video doesn't do him any favors. Especially since it recalls the most terrifying moments in the Marvel franchise.

Flashbacks might be a common thread in next year's blockbuster with details still sketchy as to who will feature in this most dramatic of finales. From the death of Jean Grey to the disappearance of other beloved characters that have come and gone in the X-Men universe, could this small edit be a taste of things to come?

Trailer Venturing Into New Territory For Grounded Superhero Flick

Wolverine and X-23 in Logan

The black and white melancholy shots complete with a Johnny Cash 'Hurt' cover from Nine Inch Nails is incredibly fresh from Marvel. Indicating that the CGI bells and whistles will be toned down for something with more heart and substance. Logan's journey from mid 1800s boy living post American Civil War to the lonesome and battle-weary survivor with metal skeleton has been a long time coming. And most certainly worthy of a send off that comes across as genuine.

Pieces Coming Together As The Hero's Powers Fade

Hugh Jackman X-Men Wolverine

The Wrap explains that we know 6 key facts about Logan before it hits the red carpet. The R-rated installment will be the second of its type from Marvel, as director James Mangold gave an insight into where the character is mentally and physically in the future setting.

“As for our hero, well, he’s older now and it’s clear his abilities aren’t what they once were," said Mangold. "He’s fading on the inside and his diminished healing factor keeps him in a constant state of chronic pain — hence booze as the painkiller.”

Mr. Sinister could feature as a villain and Patrick Stewart will reprise his role one last time as Professor X. As for the rest, more will be revealed in time. But it will be such a joy to soak it in when it happens, maybe it is best to leave the rest a mystery.