New Logan Image Shows Wolverine Saving X-23

The calls to provide Marvel fans with a black and white version of the 2017 installment of Logan might fall on deaf ears. Especially considering the studio's latest leak showing Hugh Jackman's character carrying X-23 away from a raging fire burning bright, caused by a vehicle explosion. This full-color illustration is a far cry from their official Instagram account, who have made a habit of portraying the movie in a very dark tone. All via black and chrome shading.

That dramatic and old fashioned cinematography seemed to suit the message and narrative behind the story, which will be the Australian's final portrayal of Wolverine. And likely to close the chapter of that generation of X-Men. Yet this image is anything but, gleaming through with bright orange and green colors to magnify the drama unfolding.

Logan Fighting Till The Bitter End

X-23 Logan

Heavily self-medicating with alcohol, drugs and the depression of reaching his mortality, Logan is not the bulletproof hero of old. The young X-23 represents the next generation of superheroes and, from what we have seen so far, there is a passing of the torch going on before our eyes. Which means we will likely see Wolverine sacrifice his health and safety for the child.

Mutant Laura is on the run from Transigen, run by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and Caliban (Stephen Merchant). Both of which will stop at nothing to have her in their possession while killing the hero. This vulnerability contrasts to the man we've grown to love over the years, with the aged-warrior over the hill and his powers abandoning him.

Old Hands Hurt


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Complete with the simple and short tagline "Worn," the beautifully shot black and white images slowly post out to the public ahead of Logan's March 3 debut. Closing in on Jackman's hands, the latest slide shows his battered and bruised exterior. Therefore making this a truly powerful and symbolic still.

Already earning over 10,000 likes in the 48 hours plus of online activity, the fans cannot wait to see this film come to fruition on the big screen as he takes his bow. One user exclaimed, "This is going to be Amaziiiiiiiing" while another said, "miss you already." But hold on, he hasn't left us yet!

Source: Empire, Instagram