New Details on Spider-Man Spinoff Silver and Black

Spider-Man: Homecoming has been a blessing for Sony. Not only have they solidified a 2017 blockbuster that ensures Tom Holland can headline their Marvel franchise for as long as they see fit, but it will work to expand a universe that already has a number of spinoffs in the works.

As Tom Hardy is busy developing one of those features via Venom, another has been in the hands of screenwriters and filmmakers from the studio - Silver and Black. With director Gina Pryce-Blythewood working hand-in-hand with writer Christopher Yost, this installment appears to have a classic game of cat in mouse in store if a new report is any indication.

Sable the Star in Femme Fatale Battle Royale

Silver Sable Black Cat and Spider-Man

According to That Hashtag Show, Silver and Black will be focused around the former as the protagonist - Silver Sablinova. This will position the anti-hero Felicia Hardy a.k.a. Black Cat as the supporting player who jumps between hero and villain, akin to DC's Catwoman.

This is what the leaked synopsis has to say about the movie:

"Though the pair shares the title of the film, Sable is unquestionably the film's protagonist. Her father, Ernst, and her Symkarian people play a major role in the events of the film and drive her personal vendetta against the film's main villain, Mendel Stromm. No spoilers here, but Stromm's experimentation on the Symkarian people and dealings with her father have left a very, very bad taste in her mouth and she is absolutely out for vengeance. While she is ostensibly brought into the film to chase down Felicia Hardy, she does so because she believes it will put her into contact with Stromm."

Longing for Stromm as Sable Settles Old Score

Mendel Stromm Silver Sable

While there has been no casting news for Stromm or other participants, there has been a suggestion that this feature will open an all-female spinoff arm for Spider-Man. This would include the likes of Cassie St. Commons (Dusk), Sarah Ehret (Jackpot), Charlotte Witter (Stunner) and Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman).

That Hashtag Show continue with their synopsis:

"Hardy, as we mentioned, has everyone out to get her because she's been taking things that don't belong to her using what's being described as an 'enhancement' by Stromm. It'll be interesting to see just what those enhancements are and how, if at all, they tie into her good luck 'powers' she's traditionally had in the comics. Now that she's on the run, Stromm and those that fund his work, want her back. To that end, Stromm sends Tarantula and Scorpion for her only to find she's already been caught by Silver Sable. Her business with Hardy is just business, but through it she means to settle the score with Stromm and she has no compulsions about dragging the Black Cat into her fight."

Silver and Black is slated for an October 18, 2018 release date.

Source: That Hashtag Show