NBA Star Working On Remake Of White Men Can’t Jump

With his franchise sitting 4th in the Western Conference of the NBA, Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin has decided to use his spare time productively to help reboot White Men Can't Jump. ABC's Black-ish creator Kenya Barris has paired up with Griffin alongside Carolina Panthers football player Ryan Kalil.

The 1992 sports comedy is remembered as something of a cult classic. Pitting Wesley Snipes at the peak of his popularity with Woody Harrelson as the 20th Century Fox picture was credited for being much more than just another basketball movie. The film was able to rake in $90.8m at the box office. Which was more than a credible return at the time. Griffin and Kalil will help in a producing capacity under their Mortal Media banner to remake the movie.

A Sports Movie That Wasn't Really A Sports Movie

White Men Can't Jump Reboot

While basketball was the subtext to the plot, White Men Can't Jump centered around Sidney Deane (Snipers) and Billy Hoyle's (Harrelson) relationship. As the two hustlers learned to trust each other in order to win a big score. With a cast that included the likes of Rosie Perez, Cylk Cozart and Tyra Ferrell, many read into the film's title without understanding what was really at play.

This might appear ambitious enough for two professional athletes to dip their toes into the Hollywood market, yet Griffin and Kalil are hoping this remake of the Ron Shelton feature springboards them into the industry. A second reboot is in the works from the pair's company in The Rocketeer, a 1991 fantasy title that failed to resonate at the box office. Even with calls to make a sequel.

Screenplay Looks To Be In Safe Hands


42-year old Kenya Barris is clearly striking while the iron is hot, coming fresh off his work as creator for Black-ish. A series that has won critics and audiences over nation wide. The deal to reboot White Men Can't Jump was made back in September and, although the casting is yet to be agreed upon, it would appear as though the project is in safe hands. At least, given Barris' recent success.

One of the stars of the program, Tracee Ellis Ross, won a Golden Globe for her performance. Black-ish also ended up taking home an Emmy in the process. Keeping himself more busy and adding extra work onto his plate, Barris is developing a reboot of Shaft for New Line as well. Seeing that character brought back to life again after Samuel L. Jackson did likewise in 2000.

Source: THR