Mission: Impossible Becomes Possible As Tom Cruise Ends Pay Dispute

Mission: Impossible 6 is closer to becoming a reality. After its central character and lead star Tom Cruise ended his crusade to increase his salary. Gulf News reports that negotiations had become tense with Paramount Pictures and the actor's representatives this year, as he looked to cash in further on his portrayal of Ethan Hunt.

This will come as great relief for Paramount and fans of the franchise. Pre-production had to stop completely until the matter was resolved post the crucial meeting. Original plans had the film to start in earnest this November. But now that will be pushed back to January of 2017. A delay, but far from the worst case scenario.

6th Film Needs To Overcome Behind-The-Scenes Issues To Be A Success

Mission Impossible 6 Pay Dispute Updates

Not only was haggling between Paramount Pictures and Tom Cruise uncomfortable and awkward enough for those in charge of creating Mission: Impossible 6, but there was other drama as well. Reports emerged of script issues, adding further insult to injury behind closed doors. Most action thrillers that struggle to maintain a clear direction on the screenplay do overcompensate on CGI effects. Hopefully Mission: Impossible is not a victim to that shortcoming.

Christopher McQuarrie is the main protagonist behind the camera for this sixth installment. Having been the director and writer for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. He will resume the dual roles of screenwriter and director for the 2017 picture. Tom Cruise has been keeping his hands full with Top Gun 2, Luna and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. The latter comes out next month.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Quad

Rogue Nation A Tough Film To Beat In The Series

Rogue Nation has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 93%, while seeing a box office haul of $682m. An enormous return on investment, Paramount and Christopher McQuarrie will do incredibly well to outdo these numbers. Bringing back the likes of Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg, the blockbuster struck the right mix between action, drama and comedy throughout the 131 minutes. It included a few insane Tom Cruise stunts to boot.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible

With Cruise not getting any younger portraying IMF agent Ethan Hunt at 54, the number of physically demanding movies he can pull off are getting smaller by the day. Whether he stays for the duration or ends on M.I.6, Cruise might look back on Rogue Nation as the shining light for the franchise.