Michael Shannon Tuned Out Of Batman v Superman Before Ranting About Trump

Michael Shannon always does a great job of portraying single-minded characters who don't hold back and often put the fear of God into people. Now taking his acting cap off, Variety reports that the actor wanted to give a frank assessment of a couple of issues on his mind, one that he had a direct influence with and the other far less so.

Michael Shannon Man of Steel

Playing General Zod in Man of Steel, a DC installment that was not initially planned to be part of a larger universe, the 99 Homes star revealed that he fell asleep on a plane ride while the spinoff/sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was showing.

Shannon Says Heavy Schedule Limits His Viewing Capacity

Man of Steel MIchael Shannon

Offering a note of caution to his admission, Shannon spilled the beans on the DC film that not only failed to capture the critics imagination, but one of the actors as well.

“People ask me about this all the time. Okay, I’ll tell you the god’s honest truth. Zack (Snyder) is gonna kill me for this – he’s gonna kill me. I watched it once and I fell asleep,” explained the 42-year old. “I shouldn’t have been watching it on a plane. But I never go to the movies anymore!” he continued. “I don’t have time to see anything. I used to go to the movies all the time when I was 20 years old and wasn’t working 10 days a week.”

Actor Gets Blunt With American Electorate

Featuring in the upcoming drama Nocturnal Animals, Shannon was not backward in coming forward about the topic on everyone's minds. Slamming the result and the President-elect, he could not comprehend what took place last Tuesday.

“The big red dildo running through the middle of our country needs to be annexed to be its own country of moronic a—holes. You can call it the United States of Moronic F—ing A—holes,” Shannon stated. “I don’t know how people got so goddamn stupid. But it’s really weird, because it’s like the last eight years, now it feels like a lie."

Was Zod done there? Not exactly.

"... Racists, sexists. And a lot of these people, they don’t know why the f— they’re alive. They know it. They’re doing drugs, f—ing killing themselves. Because they’re like, ‘Why the f— am I alive? I can’t get a job, I don’t know anything about anything, I have no curiosity for life or the world.’ So this Trump thing is like getting a box of firecrackers, or something. It’s like, ‘Well, this will be fun for a little while, this’ll kill some time.'”

Doesn't sound like Shannon bought into the "Make America Great Again" tagline.