Margot Robbie Welcomed To SNL “Pre-Party” By Kate McKinnon

It seems like Rod Stewart was onto something when he released the album 'Blondes Have More Fun' back in 1978. Collider reports that Aussie superstar Margot Robbie got friendly with SNL's own Kate McKinnon for a supposed "pre-party". A gathering so exclusive only the two of them were able to make it!

The woman who now spoofs Hillary Clinton on a weekly basis is fresh off starring in the reboot of Ghostbusters. And now she had the chance to be one-on-one with the Harley Quinn herself from Suicide Squad. But McKinnon didn't exactly nail the first question and what ensued was a case of cross-cultural confusion, misinterpretation and all round gags. All of which proved difficult for the guest to keep a straight face.

Aussie Jokes, Racoons and Red Wine - Just Another SNL Skit!

"Well Margot I've gotta ask, who are you voting for?" began McKinnon. "Well I can't vote in this country, so -", "Oh right! You're Australian, I forgot," she interrupted. "Yeah, I'm also a felon." Cue the uncomfortable silence!

Admitting that McKinnon let loose a racoon and attempting to weasel her way out of a paucity of guests in the building, the two put down their glasses of red wine for an impromptu dance session. Comedy might not be the 26-year old's forte, but her light-hearted attitude and ability to have fun off the cuff makes her must-watch material under any circumstance. She certainly didn't disappoint this time around.

Margot Going Viral Following On From Mean Tweets Appearance

Margot Robbie Mean Tweets Jimmy Kimmel

Proving that she can be in on the joke, even if it starts off being at her own expense, Robbie took to Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the week. She became part of the Mean Tweets segment of the program. Coming on after Hugh Grant, Kate Hudson, Greg Kinear, Chris Evans, Melissa McCarthy, Jane Lynch and Norman Reedus were taken down a level, it was the Australians turn to cop some very public social media abuse.

"'Tongue punch in the fart box' is a neglected phrase. Use it today! Example: Margot Robbie deserves a tongue punch in the fart box." - "Wow" was her unequivocal response to that charming individual.