Lucy Fry Links Up With Will Smith For 2017 Netflix Blockbuster Bright

Variety reports that Lucy Fry has scored a major break by joining the cast of the upcoming Netflix film Bright. While plot details and information about production are still being kept under lock and key, a number of high profile acting talent have attached their names to the project. How to afford such an ensemble? The budget has been set at $90 million.

The Max Landis script went through a number of hands across various studios including Warner Brothers, but a deal failed to materialize itself until Netflix came to the party.

Many were surprised to see a streaming service like Netflix outbid other candidates, spending $3 million alone to acquire the spec. On top of the remaining $87m to turn the words on the page into reality.

Fry Joins Two Seasoned Pro's For Bright

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton for Bright

It might be nice to hear an Australian accent on set for Fry, seeing Joel Edgerton is already part of the cast. The 42-year old from Sydney has put his mark on Hollywood with roles in Black Mass, The Gift, Warrior, The Great Gatsby, Zero Dark Thirty and Exodus: Gods and Kings.

The pair from Down Under will meet up with an action veteran in Will Smith, as Bright tells the fantasy story of a human (Smith) and an Orc (Edgerton) who attempt to outrun criminals, the law and a variety of magical creatures in order to protect a magical wand. It might appear like an overly ambitious and out-of-the-box production for all concerned. But with $90 million to play with, Suicide Squad director David Ayer has the resources to make it work.

Lucy Has Been Small Fry Until Now

Lucy Fry for Bright

The young blonde bombshell is a rookie in Hollywood terms, coming onto the scene in 2014 after some short success in television. Her first attempt was a role in the satirically bad Vampire Academy before taking part in The Preppie Connection, the small budget Australian picture Now Add Honey, The Darkness and the 2016 Eddie Murphy drama Mr. Church.

Bright will offer Fry the chance to show her wares against some of the biggest names in the business. With few details released it is hard to know what we can expect other than an acting education for Lucy.