London Town Trailer Teases Jonathan Rhys Meyers Playing Joe Strummer

The Clash set down a marker for music in the late 1970s and the swagger of lead singer Joe Strummer was the key ingredient for the bands rise to stardom. This puts a lot of pressure on the performance of Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the upcoming picture London Town. Audiences now has a short taste for what to expect with the release of a 2-minute trailer.

The movie itself is not completed based on the late rocker though. Using Strummer and the music as a backdrop for a young love story in the city of London during that iconic time in history. The Clash acts as a catalyst for characters Shay (Daniel Huttlestone) and a yet-to-be-named female played by Nell Williams. The story follows their relationship with each other and with the punk movement that evolved post Beatles.

Film Not A Story About Strummer, But A Look Inside The Influence Of Punk Music

Complete with an in-your-face soundtrack of rockers like Buzzcocks, the Stranglers, Toots and the Maytals, Willie Williams and Stiff Little Fingers - London Town is as much an expose of late 70s London culture than the fascinating character of the singer and guitarist. Filmmaker Derrick Borte illustrated this point when he opened up to the press.


"This coming of age story is just a glimpse into a brief moment in the life of one young boy almost 40 years ago. [All] set against the rise of punk and a backdrop of social political, and racial unrest that is incredibly similar and relevant to what we see happening in the world today," Borte said. "I made London Town to illuminate the power that music has to change your life."

Rhys Meyers Gets A Rare Chance To Take The Limelight

Jonathan Rhys Meyers London Town

For a 39-year old celebrity accustomed to fame since 1994, the Irish actor has rarely been credited for taking the audience's breath away. Let alone establish himself as a genuine heavyweight in Hollywood. Outside of a string of independent flicks in his 22 years on film, Meyers is best known for starring roles in Bend It Like Beckham and Mission: Impossible III. And let's not forget the lukewarm 2010 action romp From Paris with Love alongside John Travolta.

The 2016 release of London Town now gives Meyers the chance to sink his teeth into a larger-than-life character. A character based in reality with a plethora of subject material to be inspired by. Rock on!