Logan Villain Caliban Revealed As Funny Man Stephen Merchant

Credit to anyone who saw this move coming because it has certainly caught us by surprise. THR explains that 41-year old Stephen Merchant, most notable for starring in Ricky Gervais projects like Extras, Life's Too Short and Idiot Abroad is the surprise addition to the cast of Logan to portray the X-Men villain Caliban.

The news came about when director James Mangold shared a photo of Merchant on social media appearing very white, very bald and very serious. The post did not name Merchant or his character Caliban.

But those who have carefully studied the progression of the X-Men and Wolverine franchises respectively believe it is indeed the sinister albino.

Caliban Getting A Makeover One Film Later

Caliban in X-Men Apocalypse

If you're experiencing a sinking feeling of deja vu from the Caliban name, don't fret. It is indeed the same villain who partook in the briefest of cameo's in X-Men: Apocalypse. That time it was Tomas Lemarquis who employed Psylocke (Olivia Munn) as a body guard. But, for whatever reason, the studio decided the role needed a different face. One can assume that it is probably because of the added screen time and quality of lines that need to be delivered.

The story of Logan is said to be in the future from the previous installment. Although that would naturally be the case with Apocalypse taking place in 1983. With Mr. Sinister teased at the end of that movie, little is known about how it will all tie in and exactly what part Caliban will play amid all the chaos.

Merchant's Instagram Goes Even Creepier

How I spent my summer

A photo posted by Stephen Merchant (@stephenmerchant) on

We don't know exact timelines, motives or much else for the upcoming blockbuster. Other than two things from this week. In short, El Paso will be part of the setting and Merchant looks incredibly creepy. The actor used his own social media thread to post an image of himself saying, "How I spent my summer." All while gazing into the distance with a scarf covering his face in the black and white still.

Halloween has come early for the X-Men franchise. If the early signs are any indication, this will be a frightening, dark and suspenseful way to end Wolverine's time on the big screen. But Steven Merchant? Really?


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