Logan Film Drops Image of Villain’s New Weapon

We understand that Wolverine's powers are fading for his third and final appearance in the Marvel franchise. The fact is made clear in the trailer. But the Instagram account for Logan is giving the fans a timely update and what more we can expect from the blockbuster.

The studio is now dropping never-before-seen photos that indicate everything from aesthetic to setting and now - the villain's weapon of choice.

The publication is making the assumption that this latest still is courtesy of Donald Pierce, a bad guy to be played by none other than Narcos star Boyd Holbrook. Logan's ability to carve up his nemesis might be meeting it's match, as the image shows a strong metal exterior for the leader of the Reavers.


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Western Tone To Give A Grand Finale

Having been given a window into the Reavers and their head honcho Mr. Donald Pierce, there is little doubt of the film's Western feel. Fans of the franchise and genre are gagging for the March 3 release to come as quickly as humanly possible. Whilst these hired guns for hire were cyborgs in the comic books, the studio and director might be using some poetic license to make them more human in their appearance. Or, possibly, scrap that idea altogether.

The short grab we see from Holbrook's character and his collection of bad guys looks ominous for Hugh Jackman's iconic character. But we do get to see the Adamantium claws brought out for the occasion. It is going to get tense and bloody very quickly if the 106 seconds is any guide!


Reavers Have A Guardians of the Galaxy Connection

First developed in the comics back in May of 1988, the Reavers have a long history in the Marvel universe. So long in fact that they cross a couple franchises, with the biggest being the X-Men. The group are set on the destruction of the mutant race and have always identified Wolverine as their main target to take down.

The misfit collection of cyborgs originated in a North Central Australian underground. Shortly before emerging as a serious force to be reckoned with. Pierce gathered them and turned them into an assassination squadron that had a military skill set. And none other than Starhawk and Aleta are associated with the group from Guardians of the Galaxy.


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