The Logan Ending That Was Teased During 2013’s The Wolverine

*SPOILERS* - Nuff Said

Foreshadowing the remarkably powerful ending to Logan, director James Mangold explained that the passing of the character was intimated during a key scene in The Wolverine. The 2013 installment struggled to gain anywhere as much mainstream attraction as it's successor, but it would be the character Yukio who told the clawed superhero that his conclusion would be bloody.

"I see you on your back, there’s blood everywhere. You're holding your own heart in your hand."

The heart was in reference to his daughter Laura/X-23 as Mangold retweeted a post to confirm the link.

Stewart: You Don't See Many Dinner Table Scenes In Superhero Movies

Staying on the press circuit to promote the Marvel smash hit, Patrick Stewart told Conan O'Brien on his TBS talk show Conan that the title broke the mold for the genre, in more ways than one.

"We're very pleased - actually we're very proud of this movie," Stewart told the host, "because it's breaking ground in the superhero movie (genre). I mean how many times in a superhero movie do you see six people sitting around a family table just having dinner and talking? It of course proceeds something that is very unpleasant but there are scenes like that. My first scene with Hugh (Jackman) in the movie that is 6 or 7 pages of dialogue. Things happen between us but it's about the relationships just as it is about (makes clawing motion)."

Hugh Carried Patrick Up, Down and Around

Logan on Empire

Having to wheel around and lift an ailing 90-year old who was having seizures wasn't all it was cracked up to be for the Australian's character. A plight that Stewart explained was a key part in him losing weight for the production.

"Yeah, it's not that impressive," he replied with a wry grin about the endless carrying. "Oh I was actually. That was just a mild little remark to lead up to the fact that I lost 20 plus pounds before I shot this movie. Partly because I wanted to look emaciated and ill and old, which Charles Xavier is in this movie. But I was also thinking a little bit about Mr. Jackman and you know - there is one moment, and it's not done with a cut, there's no camera tricks or anything. I'm lying on the floor and he bends down and picks me up and puts me back in my bed. He carries me upstairs, downstairs, narrow, very steep stairs. I was never afraid or alarmed. He takes me to the toilet."

O'Brien then interjects, "That wasn't even part of the movie!"

Source: IGN