Leonardo DiCaprio Ready To Produce Captain Planet Reboot

Passionate advocate for action on climate change Leonardo DiCaprio seems a good fit to help Captain Planet find it's voice once more. Now that a modern reboot that is beginning to take shape. According to THR, the award winning actor will take a key role in a producing capacity behind the scenes. Following his work in the upcoming documentary Before the Flood, which will be released later this month, the synergy between the projects seem to match up well. Despite their vastly contrasting styles.

Jono Matt and Glen Powell of Scream Queens fame are being earmarked be Leo's own production company Appian Way Productions alongside Paramount Pictures to write the script. This won't be a simple task. Aside from the high levels of nostalgia for the series, bringing to life a cartoon that features five characters who help control natural weather elements with power rings can be a stretch for any screenplay writer.

Show Was Ahead Of Its Time With Progressive Message

Captain Planet

The television series had a lasting impact. Even though it had a limited run airing from September 1990 to December 1992 with the premise focusing on environmentalist themes that weren't hot button topics at the time. Should DiCaprio and his team get the green light to make it a reality, he will be joined by Jennifer Davisson Killoran. And there is undoubtedly plenty of material to work with in 2016.

Taking on Captain Pollution, who fought back with Rings of Destruction to thwart Captain Planet's heroics, anyone older than 30 will have fond memories about the battles that took place in the early 90s. The presentation and tone of the picture could go one of any number of directions. But if DiCaprio is heavily involved, it should carry a strong message all the same.

Don Cheadle Offered A Different Type Of Captain Planet

Don Cheadle Captain Planet

Somehow we don't think Don Cheadle will get to reprise his colorful version of Captain Planet that he performed five years ago for Funny or Die. Aside from swearing like a sailor and acting like a renegade on the loose, he went rogue to turn average citizens into trees. Going into a dark, vicious rampage - and that was just the first episode!

Whilst no casting details or anything else has been released about the project other than DiCaprio's interest as a producer, there is little doubt this won't be a straight-laced comedy. As tempting as it is...